Customer Story: Leineweber GmbH

Implemetation of VCE FRAME for B2C & inter-store shipping

The company Leineweber is a german clothing firm with headquarter in Herford. The company was founded in Berlin in 1888 and today competes with the brand BRAX for high-quality clothing.

The company Leineweber GmbH & Co. KG operates a logistics center in Herford, which supplies more than 80 Stores across Europe with goods as well as directly supplying B2C and more than 1,000 B2B customers via e-commerce.

Through such a high volume of shipments, checking freight invoices is not only complex, but holds a lot of savings potential. In order to manage freight costs digitally, the freight cost module VCE FRAME, developed by VCE, was integrated into the existing IT infrastructure of BRAX.

All the freight conditions of BRAX freight carriers were listed in VCE FRAME. This also included individually negotiated discounts and special cost items.

In order to automatically export all shipments sent by BRAX to VCE FRAME, including the track & trace data, individual interfaces were generated to enable access to the IT systems used by BRAX.

The interaction between charges and shipment data enabled VCE FRAME to accurately calculate the exact target costs for each shipment at the item level. The track & trace data also made it possible to add unpredictable items (e.g. “second delivery”) to the target freight post-mortem.

An automatic system was provided for importing and processing all digital freight invoices as well. Thus, it is now possible to perform an automatic invoice verification with VCE FRAME by comparing the individual cost items of the invoice with those of the target freight.

Any differences that may arise are listed in an automatically generated deviation report and can be used for a basis for a refund claim to the carrier.

With VCE FRAME, the freight invoice check is simplified and deviations can be detected more reliably.

Leineweber GmbH & Co. KG
  • Analysis of the actual processes
  • Definition of the target processes
  • Adaptation and integration of VCE FRAME
  • Integration into IT structure
  • Integration of all charges matrices
  • Automatic invoice verification
  • Creation of deviation reports

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