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Scalable Growth

Our Shipping Starter Solution

Big online retailers control the market through highly developed logistics networks and automated processes. They set the bar high with their offering, fast service, and transparent processes. To meet the growing demands of online customers and keep up with growth, agile inventory management, stable supply chains, and fast shipping services are essential. Our Shipping Starter is designed for startups and medium-sized online retailers. It enables digital and automated process handling between the store and logistics.



Direct online shop integration

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with marketplaces, proprietary webshops, sales, fulfillment, or shop systems, providing you with the missing interface between shop, inventory, and shipping.

The entire process in one system

Our interface technology offers flexible integration with upstream and downstream systems, such as ERP or WMS, allowing a seamless workflow customized to your specific processes.

Dashboard and reporting features

Keep track of the most important process data by using the dashboard and utilize the reports for your analysis.


Easy Carrier integration

Benefit from the flexible selection of our already connected delivery service providers for the highest-quality shipping services at the best rates.

Automatic Label Generation

Get your shipping labels automatically in less than one second and hasten your shipments by utilizing the generated packing lists and delivery notes for quicker processing.

Optimal shipping and freight conditions

Take advantage of the favorable contract conditions of our strong partners or integrate your own contracts and gain cost advantages with every shipment.


Track & Return

Shipping and return tracking including branded tracking site

Through our Track&Trace and Proof of Delivery, not only will your customers have visibility into their order status, but we also bring transparency to your delivery chain with our shipping and return tracking, allowing all shipments to be tracked in real-time.

Integrated Returns Portal

Save time with an automated returns process and benefit from improved product availability and reduced return rates through our integrated service portal.

Different carriers for outbound and return delivery

Choose the optimal carrier for your shipments and returns, and offer your customers the necessary service with flexibility in the returns process.

Increase your revenue

Selection of the desired delivery period
Improved shopping experience
Integrated PUDO-Finder
Transparent processes for the end customer
Increase in sales through cross-selling

Individual tracking page tailored to specific target audience and corporate identity including product placements and links to complementary products.

Post Purchase Communication

Automatic tracking notifications to the customer, for example via email, for every step after the completion of the order.

Selection of the shipping provider

Function to select the desired shipping provider and corresponding service for the end customer.

Sustainably shipping

Effective and sustainable management of packaging materials with the option for the end customer to choose reusable packaging or reuse.

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Fulfillment Support

Shipping Starter +

Do you commission 20 or more shipments per day and want to optimize your fulfillment process?

In order to maintain complete control over your orders, packaging, and commissioning, an expansion to the Shipping Starter + is recommended. We have developed additional functionality with our fulfillment solution as a customizable add-on:

Shipping Starter +

Fulfillment Support

Digital article management
Picklists with route optimization
Automatic Order Processing
Returning of Returns to Stock
Manage your inventory simply and flexibly

Efficient management of inventory, access, and departures is possible through digital and mobile inventory management for B2B and B2C shipping orders and returns.

Transfer orders to shipping faster

Automatic generation of packing and picking lists with optimized walking routes for effective order picking directly into a shipping container, including delivery note and return label.

Error-free picking

Error-free work through 2-stage or multi-stage picking with the help of handheld scanners, smartphones, tablets, or RFID tags.

Grouping of orders

Orders can be grouped according to individual criteria and compiled, for example, by standard, express or premium shipping.

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