Customer Story: Leineweber GmbH

Implemetation of VCE CARMA for B2C & inter-store shipping

The company Leineweber is a german clothing firm with headquarter in Herford. The company was founded in Berlin in 1888 and today competes with the brand BRAX for high-quality clothing.

The company Leineweber GmbH & Co. KG operates a logistics center in Herford, which supplies more than 80 Stores across Europe with goods as well as directly supplying B2C and more than 1,000 B2B customers via e-commerce.

The VCE CARMA shipping solution developed by VCE was integrated into the existing IT infrastructure as a central management of the shipments. VCE CARMA handles the communication with the transport service providers and the respective stores.

Based on the existing IT infrastructure, the process flows were determined and the target processes defined. Afterwards, the necessary technical specifications were determined and the shipping solution VCE CARMA was adapted according to the requirements to be fulfilled.

The goal is to register the shipments with the transport service providers and to hand over the shipments to the transport service provider by means of a daily closing. This process is triggered by a user in the respective store or in the main warehouse.

The process is assigned in several stages, therefore in the first step shipments only need to be pre-registered and the corresponding shipping label can be generated. In the second step, this label gets printed, while in the last step, when the goods leave the warehouse and are accepted by the shipping service provider, the shipments are registered with the latter.

On the one hand, this ensures a smooth shipping process, and on the other hand, shipments can be withdrawn without problems until they are finally handed over to the parcel service provider.

Due to real-time shipment tracking, the stores can check the arrival of the parcels at any time, so that they can react precisely. If anything is unclear, the whereabouts of the goods can be proven using the automatically obtained proof of delivery.

Leineweber GmbH & Co. KG
  • Analysis of the actual processes
  • Definition of the target processes
  • Adaptation and integration of VCE CARMA
  • Creation of customer-specific labels
  • Provision of data for shipment tracking
  • Transmission of proof of delivery

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