Use of VCE CARMA for B2C & inter-store shipping

Versandvorbereitung im Lager für den Interfilialversand
Juwelier Schmuck
CHRIST Juweliere & Uhrmacher seit 1863 GmbH operates a logistics center in Bochum from which more than 200 stores and B2C customers are supplied.

To handle the communication with transport service providers, VCE CARMA – the shipping solution developed by VCE – was integrated into the existing IT structure.

Based on the existing IT structure, the procedures were determined and the target processes were defined. Then the necessary technical specifications were determined and the shipping solution VCE CARMA was customized to meet the requirements.

The aim is to register the shipments with the transport service providers and to print the corresponding shipping label with a customer-specific supplement. This process is controlled by an upstream ERP system, which enters the orders from several web shops and creates the corresponding shipping orders.

The process is multi-stage, so that in the first step the shipments are only pre-registered and the corresponding shipping label is generated. In a second step, this label is then printed, while in the last step the shipments are not registered with the shipping service provider until the goods leave the warehouse and are taken over by the shipping service provider. On the one hand, this ensures a smooth shipping process and on the other hand, shipments can be withdrawn without any problems until the final handover to the shipping service provider.

In addition to the necessary shipping details, the shipping labels contain customer-specific information which enables the link to the ERP system. The parcels can thus be identified and returns can be posted back using a separate barcode.

Use of VCE CARMA for B2C & inter-store shipping

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CHRIST Juweliere & Uhrmacher seit 1863 GmbH

Scope of Project

  • Analysis of current processes
  • Definition of target processes
  • Customizing and integration of VCE CARMA
  • Creation of customer-specific labels for transport service providers
  • Provision tracking and tracing data

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