5. January 2022

Resilient Supply Chain - Increased Transparency, Reduced Interferences

For almost two years, the Corona pandemic has been a significant influencing factor on the logistics industry. A change in purchasing behavior due to restrictions and lockdowns created an increased burden, especially for the B2C flow of goods. E-commerce companies are faced with increased order processes as well as returns, and retailers have had to accommodate their customer base with new or expanded online stores. The lasting changes showed how susceptible supply chains can be through the increased volume of shipments and required extensive digitization measures. The automatic handling of shipping processes and the intelligent control of transports, in addition to the transparency of logistical processes, represent the basis of resilient supply chains.

The ability of a supply chain to react in a structured and preventive manner to disruptions, setbacks or sudden problem situations requires forward-looking solutions. For the decisive competitive advantage, a fast response to changing conditions such as demand peaks, returns or supply bottlenecks is necessary. Our modular Transport Management System (VCE TMS) offers a combination of applications for managing various shipping and transport services. This includes the entry and processing of transport orders as well as warehouse management and consolidation of shipments. The subsequent shipping process is calculated with the requirements to the supply chain and controlled according to specific needs.

The goal is to have automated processes calculated by the software and to use the integrated planning tools to optimize processes. In particular, factors for saving time and costs, but also for reducing emissions, are taken into account by intelligent route planning. Through various functions of the VCE TMS, the most effective use of services and resources is thus enabled. It increases the control of the entire supply chain and makes the material flow more transparent for customers and stakeholders through shipment tracking and status queries.

Logistics for Business Defined: From B2B to B2B2C Logistics as a Modular Transport Management System (TMS)

Our partner SmartStore addresses how B2B players can increasingly leverage practices developed in the consumer e-commerce space in an interesting blog article, ‘Logistics for Business Defined: From B2B to B2B2C Logistics as a Modular Transport Management System (TMS)‘. It explains three optimization methods enabled via Smartstore Order Management System (SOMS) connectivity in combination with our modular Transport Management System (TMS).

What other advantages the Smartstore Open Source DXP Enterprise Commerce Platform offers store operators is clearly presented on the product information page.

Optimized shipping processes

Transparency and Resilience through Digitization

Through process intelligence and the use of suitable software such as the VCE CARMA shipping platform developed by us, it is possible to react in real time to stresses in the supply chain. Problems are quickly solved through digitization and the shipping quality is given despite increased shipment volumes. Through Track&Trace, the supply chain as well as parcel and returns tracking is made traceable and the complexity of the processes is compactly displayed.

The smooth connection of marketplaces and own webshops offer more possibilities for growth and stability on the market. The software module offers further functions such as the flexible selection of the desired carrier and the best tariff as well as the printout of the corresponding shipping and returns label in the desired format. In addition to increased transparency and maximum flexibility, VCE CARMA enables convenient customs declaration through direct ATLAS integration. The web application can be easily connected to existing IT infrastructures.

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