Transparent fashion logistics with VCE DLP

April 30, 2024

IT-supported processing of store deliveries for Meyer & Meyer
With its international network, the logistics service provider Meyer & Meyer from Osnabrück is a reliable partner for its customers and their logistics processes. With many years of experience and a commitment to innovation, the fashion specialist uses intelligent IT solutions to precisely meet customer requirements. As a loyal existing VCE client, Meyer & Meyer has opted for our new Digital Logistics Platform (DLP) to digitize the store supply of a textile retailer.

At the beginning of March, the VCE SOLUTIONS team received an inquiry from Meyer & Meyer for an IT-supported processing solution for the branch supply of a large textile retailer. The project was commissioned in mid-March following an individual analysis. The goal: a transport process with maximum transparency and sorting of the shipping units by store.

Meyer & Meyer’s requirements were quickly evaluated and precisely mapped with the Transport Solution in order to obtain the range of functions required. A custom VCE app was developed and integrated in line with the individual logistics process. The result: a fast and tailor-made IT solution.

Meyer & Meyer has been using the customized Digital Logistics Platform for its new client since the beginning of April to digitally map the loading and logistics process for a large number of stores in Germany in the first phase. The process is started via the ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) for each incoming truck by importing this information into the DLP. This electronic advance shipping notice enables Meyer & Meyer to plan the inventory management and loading processes for the textile retailer in the hub in advance. The VCE app then takes over the shipment formation of the incoming shipping units in the HUB. The goods deliveries scanned with an MDE device (e.g. a hand-held scanner) are validated and used to automatically create shipments that are sorted according to the stores to which they are delivered. The DLP automatically generates master SSCCs (a shipping label that combines several numbers of a shipping unit) for this sorting. This not only saves time in the loading process, but also ensures the targeted and efficiently coordinated delivery of the individual goods to the stores. The SSCCs are then scanned when the trucks are loaded for onward transportation and generated into transports in the DLP. With the help of the track & trace function, a route planning tool is used to digitally track all store transports as well as loading and unloading. The textile retailer’s stores can also call up this information and track the shipments. This enables transparent goods availability and planning for the textile retailer in its stores.

"We have been using shipping solutions from VCE SOLUTIONS for many years because they meet our requirements for technological innovation in logistics. It was therefore quickly decided to commission the VCE team for this project. The goal of mapping the customer-specific process with IT support was achieved with the new DLP and the custom VCE app. All our requirements were met and we received a tailor-made solution for our new customer's store deliveries."
Gunnar Stüber
Managing Director Meyer & Meyer Transport Service
An overview of the requirements that our Digital Logistics Platform with integrated custom VCE app fulfills for Meyer & Meyer:

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