18. August 2020

Launch of the shop system for the gastronomy platform treubleiben.de

Together with treubleiben.de we are happy to support restaurants and local businesses. Especially during the Corona-crisis, but also outside of crisis times many restaurants ask themselves how best to organize deliveries and how to access a broader customer base online. The answer to this question has so far mainly been provided by big delivery services such as Lieferando.

However, if you can’t afford the commissions for the delivery services or if you simply don’t want to lose such a big percentage of you revenues, there aren’t many alternatives.

While the topic has become existential for many entrepreneurs now during Corona, the advertising agency Zwetschke has brought the platform treubleiben.de into life. The platform gathers enterprises in completely Germany, which would like to offer own supplies or become simply visible for a larger public.

With our experience in the area of logistics and IT, we were able to add a delivery management and a shop system to treubleiben.de.

Restaurants can now use the platform to take orders, assign deliveries to drivers and even share drivers with other restaurants in town. For the first months during corona, the system is completely free to use – after all, our restaurant business has had a hard enough time with Corona. But even in the long term, staying loyal is a real alternative to delivery services. Self-determination and help in organising deliveries are the main focus areas here, instead of outsourcing the entire delivery process to delivery services for high commissions. On the platform there are already over 1000 participating restaurants.

The challenge of visibility and advertising

Thus treubleiben.de brings customers and catering trade together

During Corona, similar platforms have emerged in many cities. But often functions that go beyond a virtual business card, such as shop system and deliveries, are missing. The help of well-known supporters such as Tim Mälzer, ProSieben, RTL, Gepa, Flyeralarm and some newspapers and radio stations could remain loyal and is professionally marketed by the advertising agency Zwetschke. Thus, the attention of a broad public is guaranteed and gastronomy and consumers are successfully brought together.

Advantages for gastronomes

Launch of the shop system: New features

Set up shop system

In this video you will get an impression how easy it is to set up online orders at treubleiben.de: