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The design of the traffic flows on the factory premises usually poses a great challenge: In order to prevent waiting times and traffic jams, and also to keep safety on the site as high as possible, an efficient and flexible yard management is required.

We are currently developing a new Yard Management Module for our TMS VCE Solutions. And these will be the features of YARD:

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Yard Management

Yard Management Module Features

Efficient traffic flows

VCE YARD streamlines the traffic flow on your premises.

VCE YARD manages the time slots for delivery and collection and controls, visualizes, and directs the traffics on your premises.

VCE YARD supports the allocation of docks and time slots by automatic coordination with the storage and retrieval processes on the site, whereby only available time slots and loading docks are available for booking.

Through an IT-supported management of loading docks and gates including real-time status information, efficiency and transparency is maximally increased and an optimal processing is created.

With our YARD module, digital planning, control and monitoring of the entire material and goods flow on your factory premises is thus realized for you. Of course, VCE YARD is web-based like the other modules, which enables a fast implementation in your company.


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