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VCE Vamos

VCE VAMOS is a mobile order management tool with numerous functions, such as order management, navigation, track&trace, automatic proof of delivery using geo-coordinates, weighing or credit card billing and digital signature.

VCE VAMOS supports your employees in the areas of transport, warehousing, delivery, depot and quality management by individual information and feedback functions. The functions of VCE VAMOS can be combined almost arbitrarily.

It is possible to use VCE VAMOS on Windows mobile devices as well as on Android smartphones or tablets.


All functions at a glance


  • Mobile order management and processing
  • Time slot and yard management
  • Transparency at any time via live Track&Trace
  • Data acquisition directly on site
  • Navigation via Google Maps, Logiball & Co.
  • Creation and tracking of the POD via geofencing
  • Master data maintenance and correction


  • Communication with any number of systems
  • Platform independent
  • Integration of all network-compatible devices
  • Flexible integration into existing IT infrastructures


  • Detailed overview of all orders
  • Generation of KPIs
  • Event-based creation of messages
  • Documentation of delivery difficulties
  • End-to-end tracking of the process

Mobile order management according to your individual requirements

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  • Mobile order management and processing
  • Proof of delivery (POD) via geofencing
  • Time slot and yard management
  • Automatic guidance of the user through routine processes
  • ... and many other functions as required

All required functions within one modular solution:

The VCE VAMOS module is also modular in itself: So, you can use exactly the functions you need without being distracted by functions you don’t need. If your requirements change: No problem. Specific extensions and adaptations can be made quickly and easily.

Your employees are automatically guided by VCE VAMOS through the processes assigned to their tasks: As soon as one step is completed, the next task is displayed. Your employees can optimally focus on their actual work and the error rate of processes is reduced significantly.

Central administration

  • Central device management
  • User and role management
  • Encrypted data storage on the mobile devices

Flexible, individual, and secure through state-of-the-art encryption and role management:

By assigning profiles and roles to the users of VCE VAMOS, the functions and access to processes of the application are centrally configured.

VCE VAMOS meets high security standards and uses modern encryption algorithms to protect your data from unauthorized access. With VCE VAMOS you digitalize your processes without loss of security of your data.


  • Transparency at any time via live track&trace
  • Documentation of delivery difficulties
  • Signature, scan, and photo function

Your processes in view at all times:

To track all processes along your entire value chain, VCE VAMOS offers a seamless end-to-end tracking of your process steps. So, you are always informed in real time about the current status of the work. With the collected data you can generate meaningful statistics and thus uncover bottlenecks or general difficulties within the process chain.

Interfaces as required

  • Interfaces to all common ERP systems
  • Integration of all network-compatible devices such as printers, weighing scales, EC terminals
  • Navigation via Google Maps, Logiball & Co.

Easy integration into existing systems:

By the various interfaces of VCE VAMOS a seamless integration into your already existing IT landscape is possible. The communication with network-compatible devices simplifies all processes of your employees, be it in the warehouse or during transport. Thus, VCE VAMOS offers a comprehensive support along the whole process chain within a modular software.


Your individual offer

Licensing model

  • Individual offer
  • Tailor-made mobile solution


  • SaaS
  • On-Premise


  • Short-term implementation
  • Customizing 2-3 months

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