Automated freight cost management

Save a lot, spend a little: With the automated Freight Cost Management from VCE


Manual processes, non-transparent invoices, frequently changing freight conditions, changes at the logistics partner – all this makes the calculation of transport costs opaque. Your logistics controlling needs to invest more time and you need to invest more money.

With the TMS module VCE FRAME, you digitize your freight cost management: from preliminary calculation, invoice verification and approval to freight cost simulation and quotation control for current negotiations, all steps are carried out automatically, securely, and transparently.

In this way you can easily reduce transport costs and personnel expenses and uncover possible weak points in the transport process.


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Frachtkostenmanagement VCE FRAME
With VCE FRAME you always keep the overview.

Transparency in freight cost management

Were the agreed rules for calculating diesel surcharges correctly applied? Does the shipment weight specified by the Carrier match your weighing result?

No matter what kind of question you are dealing with, with FRAME always stay on track. This is ensured by the standard process implemented in FRAME with configurable detailed views at invoice and shipment level and easy-to-use filter and sorting functions.

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VCE FRAME automates your freight cost management

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Automated approval according to your configuration

Freight invoice verification

The freight invoices are automatically checked according to your specifications. Download remaining deviations as Excel® table.

Numerous configuration options are available:

For example, you can determine within which tolerance an invoice should be accepted automatically.

Always everything in view

Thanks to the central database, you have all your documents centralized in one place. Whether freight rates, tariffs, weight tables, flat rates, fuel surcharges or invoices. This means you can find the relevant information more quickly and compare contents more easily. Access can be provided via integrated reporting tools such as QlikView™ or Microsoft BI.

Automated verification

Admittedly, checking a freight invoice with hundreds of positions is not much fun, but necessary. FRAME relieves you by automatically comparing invoices at item level with the agreed conditions and by generating deviation reports. If desired, invoices can also be approved automatically if the deviation is within your freely configurable tolerance limit.

Save time and money

Checking freight costs manually is associated with a large amount of personnel effort. VCE FRAME helps you to completely digitalize your invoice verification. This saves valuable time and your employees can dedicate themselves to the important things such as purchasing, sales or the optimization of future freight costs: with the integrated freight cost simulation, you can compare possible freight cost scenarios and thus identify potential savings.

Web-based working

FRAME is easy to integrate into your existing system. You do not need to install any software on each of your computers, just log in. No matter which operating system and web browser you use – compatibility problems are a thing of the past.


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