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If you are exporting goods to Russia, you are most likely affected now or in the near future by the new Russian Federal Law No. 488-FZ, which requires the application of a special code to the goods of some product groups. It will be necessary to serialize products and goods with crypto protection. This should make it easier to detect counterfeit products. With the crypto code, it is possible to track the products from the manufacturer to the end customer. To ensure a secure supply chain, all exporters to Russia are obliged to implement it.

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Implement new regulations

The introduction of the crypto code sometimes poses a challenge to existing processes and systems for many manufacturers and online retailers:

New Russian federal law: easy implementation with VCE PROCRYP

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VCE PROCRYP is especially developed for the requirements of Russian product serialization. VCE PROCRYP is in direct connection (webservice-API) with the servers of CRPT. The software simplifies the digital registration and obtainment of the necessary crypto codes and provides the codes directly for printing. With the generic interface (RESTful API/JSON), it can be easily integrated into existing IT architectures as a self-sufficient module. VCE PROCRYP is therefore a flexible solution for trading on the Russian market, especially for medium-sized companies.

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FAQ New Russian Federal Law

Currently, the focus for serialization is only on special product groups, although the system is to be extended to all imported goods in the long term. The various product groups mostly have a separate timeline when the implementation of the serialization becomes mandatory.

The Russian authority “Centre for Development of Advanced Technologies” (CRPT) is responsible for planning and setting the individual timelines. The CRPT is also responsible for generating the crypto codes and managing the related data (e.g. tracking).

To obtain a crypto code (two-dimensional data matrix code), the manufacturers transmit the GTIN and the serial number of the product to the CRPT and receive the matching crypto number and crypto key for a fee. This results in a crypto code (comparable to a QR code), which must be applied on the secondary level (sales unit) and on the tertiary level (transport unit) of the respective product.

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